Guardianship for Trafficked Children

It is vital that we tackle every form of modern slavery, including human trafficking.

In 2018, the Home Office announced a review of the Modern Slavery Act, which considered the provisions in the Act regarding Independent Child Trafficking Advocates. In line with the review’s recommendations, the Advocates have been recently renamed Independent Child Trafficking Guardians (ICTGs).

Guardians provide an additional source of advice and support for all trafficked children. A key part of the role includes one-to-one support for those children who lack a figure of parental responsibility for them in the UK. The ICTG regional practice co-ordinator works alongside statutory bodies such as our police, social workers and the wider Criminal Justice System to build a multi-agency approach to the safeguarding of these vulnerable children.

More and more vulnerable children will hopefully receive the support and care they deserve as the Government remains committed to rolling out the guardians nationally, though it is important to monitor progress closely.