US Administration’s Peace Proposal

The release of the proposal by the US for peace between Israelis and Palestinians clearly reflects extensive investment in time and effort. Only the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian territories can determine whether the proposals can meet the needs and aspirations of the people they represent.

It is important that they give the latest plan genuine and fair consideration, and to explore whether it might prove a first step on the road back to negotiations.

That being said, the UK’s position has not changed. There should be a negotiated settlement leading to a safe and secure Israel living alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state, based on 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, Jerusalem as the shared capital of both states, and a fair and realistic settlement for refugees. The UK Government consistently calls for an immediate end to all actions that undermine the viability of the two-state solution. This includes terrorism, anti-Semitic incitement, settlement expansion, and the demolition of Palestinian property in the West Bank.