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Waveney MP Peter Aldous has today written to the new Secretary of State for Education reiterating his concerns about Government proposals to shorten summer holidays.
In plans put forward in Clause 44 of the Deregulation Bill to increase school autonomy, all state schools in England will be able to decide their own term dates.
Following on from his speech during the Third Reading of the Bill last month, Peter has taken up the issue with the new Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan.
In a letter to the Minister, Peter highlighted that “there is a concern that this measure could have a significant adverse impact on the tourism industry, in particular on family seaside attractions” and it should be recognised that “these businesses are important local employers, often clustered in coastal locations, where invariably the local economy faces greater challenges”. 
He pointed out that shortening school summer holidays could have a major impact on families and businesses in the Waveney area for the following reasons:-
  • By allowing individual schools to set their own term times, different schools will have different holidays dates causing difficulties for parents with children at different schools. 
  • Changes to school holidays could impact on local businesses in the tourism industry, such as Africa Alive and Pleasurewood Hills, that rely on the summer season for their profitability.
This coincides with Peter’s pledge to support a campaign to cut the rate of VAT on tourism from 20% to 5% to further boost the day attractions and accommodation sectors, create jobs and promote economic growth.
Commenting on the letter, Peter said:
“Whilst I understand the reasoning behind the school holiday proposals in terms of achieving higher student attainment and giving greater autonomy to schools, it is vital that its impact on areas like Waveney that rely on tourism for its economic well-being are fully taken into account. 
To help regenerate towns and sustain local businesses in coastal communities such as Lowestoft, I shall continue to campaign for a full assessment on these proposals and for a lower VAT on the tourism sector.”


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