12 February 2024
Aldous joins RSPCA to support forthcoming disposable vape ban

Peter Aldous has joined the RSPCA and the Marine Conservation Society in welcoming the UK Government’s announcement of a forthcoming ban on disposable vapes.

Five million single-use e-cigarettes are thrown away every week, and many of them end up as litter in our environment, our rivers and the ocean where they can cause harm to animals and marine life. These vapes contain materials and poisonous substances which can be hazardous to animals including plastic, lithium and nicotine.

The RSPCA says the announcement will help "create a better world for every animal".

RSPCA Public Affairs Manager Harriet Main said:

“We’re really pleased that Peter attended our event to pledge support about how he can help make a ban on disposable vapes a reality.

“Too many single-use vapes are simply being tossed away in our communities, putting animals needlessly at risk; they could ingest the liquid from discarded, disposable vapes; while strewn devices can also impact habitats.

“We are calling on MPs to ensure the UK Government follows through on its announcement to introduce legislation to put an end to these polluting and dangerous items, which will be such an important move as we all strive to create a better world for every animal. Without action, animals remain at risk from carelessly discarded disposable vapes.”

Research from Material Focus suggests the number of disposable vapes being discarded each week has increased to five million - with three percent of UK vapers - including eight percent of 16-18 year olds - admitting they drop single-use vapes on the ground.

An RSPCA survey - part of its #VexedAboutVapes campaign - showed 94% of respondents supported a ban on disposable vapes.

Peter Aldous said:

“I am appalled at how many of these single-use e-cigarettes end up as litter on land as well as in rivers and the ocean. But it’s also heartening to know that there is such strong support for banning these dangerous and polluting disposable vapes amongst the public.

“I’m proud to support the RSPCA and the Marine Conservation Society with this important campaign, and I will be doing my bit to help secure a ban on disposable vapes.”

More information on the RSPCA’s #VexedAboutVapes campaign can be found online.