22 February 2023
MP calls for fresh incentives to invest in renewable energy projects

Peter Aldous raises concerns that the UK risks missing its net zero goals unless it matches EU and US plans for subsidies and tax breaks and calls for new incentives to invest in renewable energy.

Speaking to City AM he said:

“The UK needs to stay competitive to keep growing net zero investment, which is the best route to a more productive, resilient economy with better-paid jobs.”

Aldous argued Biden’s legislation had “accelerated the global race to net zero” and posed a “challenge” to UK competitiveness.

The MP urged the government to deliver a set of fresh incentives to invest, from planning reforms and investment relief for renewable energy projects in line with the oil and gas allowance and “backing emerging sectors like sustainable aviation fuel earlier than other nations”.

He said:

“We can still lead by ensuring the UK is the best place to invest in clean industries and technologies,”


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