Aldous comments on EU Commission Fisheries Reform proposals

Waveney MP Peter Aldous today commented on the announcement by Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

Mr Aldous said:

“I broadly welcome these proposals for reform, particularly the proposal to eliminate the scandalous practice of discards. My concern remains with the future of Lowestoft’s under ten-metre fleet. One of Commissioner Damanaki’s proposals is for all fish stocks to be brought to sustainable levels by 2015. The under ten metre fleet, fishing with long lines are uniquely placed to help achieve this goal. I will need to discuss with Lowestoft fishermen how these proposals will impact on them. I will also continue to press the Government on the issue of “slipper skippers” which has not been adequately addressed.”

Mr Aldous questioned Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, today in the House of Commons on the issue of “slipper skippers.”


Peter Aldous (Waveney) (Con): I commend the Commissioner for her statement and the Minister for his hard work on this subject. There are two scandals with how fisheries are managed in Europe: discards, which are now out in the open; and slipper skippers, that is, people who hold and trade quota and have no connection with the industry. What is he doing to address that elephant in the room?

Richard Benyon: I thank my hon. Friend for raising that issue. I share his concern and with many issues relating to fisheries I always start by thinking, “I would not have started from here.” We have these so-called slipper skippers—although we do not have quite as many as are sometimes declared—because many of the trades of fishing opportunity were done privately. We have never created a clear right; we have created a deemed right of access to a national resource. That is why I hope that a rights-based management scheme, as I have outlined, will offer the opportunity for clarity. I believe the work we are doing in DEFRA and through the Marine Management Organisation to identify who owns quota will go a long way towards dealing with the urban—or aqua—myths about quota being held by football clubs and celebrities

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