Aldous supports Warm Homes campaign

Waveney MP Peter Aldous today pledged his support for National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

Energy Action Scotland and National Energy Action have launched the Warm Homes Campaign to raise awareness of the 6.5 million UK households that are estimated to be living in fuel poverty. 27% of households in the UK currently live in fuel poverty, unable to heat their homes to the level required during the winter months. The impact of this costs health and social care services around £1 billion per year through cold-related illness.

In highlighting the following statistics, Mr Aldous urges for more to be done to tackle fuel poverty in the Waveney area whereby:-

-20% of households live in fuel poverty.
-842,475 cavity walls remain uninsulated, representing 34% of all cavity walls in the region.
-30 more people died during the winter of 2010-11 than during non-winter months. These excess winter deaths exceeded non-winter deaths by 8.4%.

Having made the case directly to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons last month, Aldous continues his campaign to raise awareness about the impact of recent price increases and freezing winter temperatures on those most vulnerable in society struggling to afford their energy bills.

Mr Aldous commented:
“Improving the heating and insulation of a household can have a huge impact on household energy bills and is the only sustainable way to tackle fuel poverty.

“It can also lead to a range of other positive benefits such as injecting additional money back into the local economy and reducing carbon emissions.

“That is why I am supporting National Energy Action’s Warm Homes Campaign and urging constituents to contact the independent Home Heat Helpline to see if they are eligible for grants or other financial assistance to help them heat their homes affordably.”

The Home Heat Helpline can be reached on 0800 33 66 99.

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