“No Toll” campaign for A14

Waveney MP Peter Aldous supports the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce’s “No Toll Tax on Suffolk” campaign launched recently to prevent the tolling of the A14, a primary transportation gateway for business in Suffolk.

After evaluating the evidence, Aldous recognises the detrimental effects that tolling would cause to Suffolk and particularly the southern part of the A14 route into Felixstowe. And while the Highways Agency has entered into a public consultation exercise, those meetings are only taking place in Cambridgeshire, only one of the counties, which will be affected by the proposed tolling.

Evidence put forward by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce concludes:

  • No proper cost-benefit analysis has been undertaken by Government to weigh the economic impact of the toll on businesses.
  • The imposition of tolls on the A14 would be arbitrary and without any coherent policy on road-user charging. With the exception of the M6 toll (to which there is a clear alternative non-tolled route) there are no other tolled truck routes in mainland Britain.
  • Tolls on the A14 would be discriminatory, adding costs to businesses in the east of England that are not faced by businesses elsewhere.
  • A toll would have a significant negative impact on future inward investor confidence and on future inward investment.

Mr. Aldous said: “I understand the importance of carrying out improvements to the A14 which are long overdue. However, the tolling of such a significant business and haulage route seems arbitrary and the Government need to look again at their proposals, which discriminate against Suffolk.”

Photo: left to right: Therese Coffey MP, John Dugmore of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, Peter Aldous MP

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