Dorothy Hodgkin

Waveney MP Peter Aldous is calling on MPs to join him in celebrating the good work of local scientist Dorothy Hodgkin.
Mr Aldous tabled an Early Day Motion on 4th February 2014 to commemorate her life and urge for her achievements in science to be taught at Key Stage 1.
Dorothy Hodgkin, who attended Sir John Leman Grammar in Beccles, was an extraordinary woman who devoted her life to biomedicine. She was known for sharing her findings with all colleagues no matter how junior and did not seek fame or fortune. The science block at Sir John Leman High School has now been named after her.
The Early Day Motion reads:
That this House recognises the work done by Dorothy Hodgkin (1910-1994), a pioneer scientist in the field of X-ray crystallography who, before our high tech age, indentified the three dimensional positioning of atoms in the molecules of various materials, including penicillin, vitamin B12, steroids and insulin; notes that this ‘cracked the code’, which then enabled scientists to make materials synthetically thus saving countless lives worldwide; celebrates that Dorothy Hodgkin was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to biochemistry at a time when women in science were far and few between; notes that she remains the only British woman to have won a science Nobel Prize, was the second woman to receive the Order of Merit in 1965, the first woman to receive the Copley Medal and winner of the Lenin Peace Prize; notes that Dorothy Hodgkin was one of five ‘Women of Achievement’ selected for a set of British stamps issued in August 1996; notes that she tutored Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the University of Oxford; acknowledges that 2014 is the year of crystallography; celebrates her passion for campaigning for peace and East-West understanding; believes that her achievements should be remembered by including her in the Key Stage 1 education syllabus; and calls on all Hon and Right Hon Members to recognise and celebrate her outstanding contribution to science.
Commending her work, Mr Aldous said:
“Dorothy Hodgkin had a truly remarkable life and her contribution to science should not be forgotten. She remains an inspiration to any aspiring scientist.” 
James Woodrow, Curator of Beccles Museum, said:
“Until I became curator of Beccles Museum some 16 years ago, I had only vaguely heard of Dorothy Hodgkin even though she was a local girl. Having learned more I cannot now understand why she is not included in Key Stage 1 of mainstream education which lists those Britons who have contributed to national and international achievements. Her success at work was due not only to her cleverness but more to her immense powers of imagination, concentration and single mindedness, and hard work. Beyond this however, she also possessed a generosity of spirit, a breadth of mind, cultivated humaneness, and a gift for giving. All of this combines to make her a great British person.”
Jeremy Rowe, Headteacher at Sir John Leman High School, said:
“Our school is incredibly proud to have had Dorothy Hodgkin here as a student.  Our pride in her incredible achievements is woven into the fabric of Sir John Leman High School, where her pioneering example will always be remembered.”

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