16 March 2021
Peter Aldous seeks assurances for Waveney on access to the Levelling Up Fund

Peter Aldous seeks reassurance that applications to the Levelling Up Fund from the Waveney area will still be considered even though, as part of the wider East Suffolk Council area, they are designated as category 2.

Peter Aldous (Waveney) (Con) [V]

In Lowestoft and Waveney, there are significant areas of poverty, and yet, as part of the wider East Suffolk Council area, we are in the priority 2 category. I would be most grateful if my hon. Friend could provide an assurance that applications from the Waveney area that support the creation of much-needed new jobs will be given full and fair consideration and will not be disadvantaged by our being in a lower category area.

Eddie Hughes 

I thank my hon. Friend for his question. He gives me the opportunity to say again that it is incredibly important that those who are not in category 1 do not feel in any way discouraged from submitting a good-quality bid. I hope that local Members will identify a good-quality bid in their area that they can support. That bid will be assessed against deliverability, value for money and strategic fit.