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Lowestoft Flood Defence Project
Flooding in Lowestoft 5 Dec 2013

Central Lowestoft, 5 Dec 2013 (Photo: Mark Bee)


I very much welcome the announcement of over £43 million to deliver the Lowestoft Flood Defence Project, as part of the new long-term plan to ensure every area of England has a comprehensive local plan for dealing with flooding and coastal erosion.

This multi-million-pound investment will deliver a tidal barrier and flood walls to protect key infrastructure and businesses as well as providing a boost to the offshore energy and tourism sectors.  

The funding is the single-largest award to any scheme in England, and forms part of the £170 million-pound investment to accelerate 22 shovel-ready flood defence projects, which will drive growth and unlock a range of benefits for local economies across the country.

It will protect those homes and businesses that were devastated in the Storm Surge of 5th December 2013, in which 158 homes and 233 commercial properties in Lowestoft and Oulton Broad were flooded, and many people were made homeless and lost all their possessions.

The scheme will encourage businesses to expand and move in to the area, including in the offshore energy and fishing sectors, will protect the town centre at a time that we need to be driving forward a renaissance in the high street, and will safeguard vital infrastructure, such as the railway station.

Lowestoft is going to be incredibly busy in the next few years, with both this project and the building of the 3rd Crossing. In the short term this will provide a much needed boost to the local economy and in the long term it will lay the foundations for an exciting future, in which we must ensure that local people obtain the maximum benefit.

I led a debate back in January on this. Click here to read my speech in that debate.


Visit the Lowestoft Flood Risk Management Project

Meeting local residents during the flooding of 2013

Meeting local residents evacuated during the flooding of 2013 (Photo: Mark Bee)


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